Current Internship Opportunities

E-Commerce Manager

Developing site enhancements to improve ecommerce conversion. Digital marketing and merchandising strategies for new and existing products and implementing digital strategies to optimise revenue and user experience.

Social Publisher

Creating a proactive social media coverage across a range of platforms and publications. Assisting with the media team to plan, monitor and evaluate brand coverage including producing content and monitoring social media.

PR Strategy Manager

Create and deliver PR strategies across the company. Engage stakeholders in current PR campaigns and brief and train spokespeople to communicate strategies in place.

UX/UI Designer

Create concepts, wireframes and designs for intended platforms. Using programmes such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Sketch to demonstrate your digital creativity.

Product Design Engineer

Test prototypes effectively to identify user requirements. Work with design and marketing teams to understand user needs and effectively define technical opportunities and market trends.

Front End Web Developer

Improving and expanding on existing WordPress based websites. Creating and developing further websites and landing pages.  



Did you know…

Google employed 3000 Interns in 2015
Americans will complete an internship this year
is the number of years internships have been around!
% of interviewers believe experience is the most important asset!


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