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Four creatives required for an online startup. Applicants ahould have a background related to the following: Marketing, IT, Graphic Design, Video Production, Journalism and Tourism. Successful candidates must have one or more of these skills: Use of Hootsuite, management of newsletters, Google Analytics and Adwords, Facebook and LinkIn campaigns, website optimization and link building, video marketing, article creation and posting and blog management.

Software Development-London

A developer with passion for coding to join our international team of 24 previously employed by Skype, Netcracker and Yandex. You will be supporting the Product Manager in the activities related to new features research and implementation analysis. You will also help the entire team.We can offer competitive compensation based on the candidate’s experience and potentially a full time role at the end of the internship.

PHP/Drupal Developer-Barcelona

Working directly with developers and project managers on key tasks in the development cycle. No former knowledge of Drupal is necessary as we will fully train the candidate.

You will be customizing Drupal through the creation of modules and template files. Tasks will range from integrating third-party API’s to analysing and optimising site speed, to assisting frontend developers with our responsive builds.

Business Analyst-London

A bright individual with passion for market analysis to join our team in Central London, with knowledge of consumer software products functionality or UX. You will work closely with the executive team in the activities related to market trends research and business model analysis. You will also help the entire team and participate in brainstorming new features and solutions.

We can offer competitive compensation based on the candidate’s experience and potentially a full time role at the end of the internship.

Mobile Developer (iOS and Android)-Barcelona

Working closely with the founders and CTO to create and develop a great multi-platform App. Bringing inspiring and innovative ideas to the table; you will have the flexibility on implementing them. Application programming, choosing the most suitable technologies, methodoligies and frameworks. Integrate testing, error-reporting and analytics into design and implementation and the delivery of high quality tested and maintainable code.

Front End Web Developer-London

Developing functional and appealing web and mobile applications, using a combination of markup languages to write web pages. Writing functional requirement documents and specifications and creating CSS consistent across all browsers an platforms. Assisting back-end developers with coding and troubleshooting.



Did you know…

Google employed 3000 Interns in 2015
Americans will complete an internship this year
is the number of years internships have been around!
% of interviewers believe experience is the most important asset!


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