Researching your chosen industry and reading up on every single aspect will only get you so far. An Internship gives you experience that cannot be gained from a classroom. An Intern-Tech programme will give you direct, hands on experience that will show you exactly what to expect and to gain from your future career, it will also build your skills and showcase what you have to learn, whilst helping you to unearth your potential.

Everybody you meet on your Internship is a potential member of your network. You will meet key industry contacts and people of talent within your field. The more people you know, the more opportunities you will make. Interning with us also means that you have access to some of the most forward thinking people in your industry. It is a great way to meet mentors and make connections that will set you above your peers.

The Intern-Tech experience means that you are not just gaining an insight into the professional world, you are also creating an invaluable experience. Our programmes use welcome week’s, workshops and non-academic activities to ensure you maximise on the opportunities available. Your experience will be unforgettable and are fantastic ways to truly experience all that our cities have to offer.


Our core focus is to provide internships that really matter. We are the only company that exclusively provide specialised internship work placements within your academic field. With Intern Tech, your future starts now!

Aaron Wilson

Managing Director Intern Tech UK

I believe people perform best in their careers when they love what they do and are passionate about their work. Having first hand experience of the buzz and excitement of living and working abroad I want all of our Interns to experience the opportunities we can create.

Georgina Workman

Head of Development

After travelling the world and living down under for a while I decided to make London home. With a Masters in PR and Media and a strong creative background, I have worked on the development of several small to medium sized companies.

Tamara Lipa

Operations Manager

With experience of living and working in three different countries, I know exactly what it takes to succeed in securing your perfect job in a new environment. I ensure all operations and internal processes run smoothly to help you find that ideal internship.

Milton Marrero Bacallao

Business Development Manager

I am a business developer fluent in English and Spanish with a degree in business management. I’m passionate about technology and creating strategic partnerships with tech companies to provide the best internship opportunities possible to candidates.

Ollie Meredith

Creative Content Manager

Two of my biggest passions are creative writing and photography, so being able to communicate what Intern Tech do, through creative content and photography is a real pleasure.

Paul Canning

Managing Director Intern Tech Spain

Developing Intern Tech allows me to help others to have an opportunity to embrace their careers with optimism, a desire to get stuck in and be the best version of themselves they can be, whilst enjoying every moment of it!

Magda Tsartsari

Programme Manager

I’ve been part of Intern Tech’s team since its inception, and use my industry expertise to help develop and maintain partnerships with employers on location and Universities from around the world.

Aurélie Bérenguel

Business Development Associate

Being from France, I’ve had first hand experience of what it’s like to intern abroad. I have a masters in International Business and I am fluent in three languages (French, Spanish and English). It excites me to use these skills to help candidates find their dream placement.

Lucas Vernet

Business Development Associate

For as Long as I can remember, I’ve always had a strong understanding of working abroad. An internship abroad can be a very exciting and formative opportunity to take and I’m excited about finding candidates their perfect placement.

Natalia Fulgueiras Marzelli

Director of Study Abroad and Internship Programmes

After working within the Study Abroad Sector for years I am looking forward to being part of Intern Tech and contributing to making it bigger and better.