A Business Internship with Intern-Tech is the best way to gain invaluable exposure into the key components that form all business operations. An Internship can cover a wide range of the key elements of a successful operation.


Sourcing, training and cultivating key personnel that will drive the business.


The sales and marketing components that increase brand awareness.


The tactical and strategic decisions that move the business


Market research and data collection that gains insight into the company’s market.



HR for start-up’s and larger corporations. Assisting in hiring, training and retaining talent.

Researching and managing vital decisions that will help businesses and organisations run efficiently.

Researching into the customer, studying consumer habits and knowing the market so you can effectively sell the product or service.

Analysing market data within the software and development sales and purchases.


Our business Internship programmes are built on a balanced mix of all our current programmes, our business interns capitalise on greatly sought after skills spanning the marketing communications and social media sectors. This placement is therefore as well suited for a sales manager as it is for a marketer, or HR manager. This programme is perfect for people seeking any of these aspects from their internship.

  • Communication skills – Learn this key aspect when transitioning from University to the professional sphere. Hone your communication skills to make sure you know how thrive in the business sector.
  • Confidence – Many students going into full time employment lack the confidence to prosper once they get into professional environments. This internship allows you to transition in a nurturing environment, gaining invaluable confidence for the future.
  • New Connections – Business internships introduce you to the key players and allow you to make a lasting impression. It also gives you the opportunity to network from the inside and build up your future contacts.
  • Research skills – Learn best practices and key skills for business and market research. You will learn how to undertake surveys and complete trend analysis and build profiles of competitive assessment.
  • Marketing skills – Learn how to research your target market and then work out the best ways to reach them. Work on key campaigns and projects that have technical and creative aspects to really show off the company you work alongside.
  • Operational Skills – Learn how businesses operate intrinsically. Experience the inner tactical and strategic decisions that drive how a business operates on a daily basis and when undertaking new projects and events.


Intern-­Tech made a dream of mine possible by finding me a placement where I could come to London where I have learned so much that will help me in my career.

Anthony Zimnoch
Anthony Zimnoch

If I was to rate Intern-Tech from 1-10 I’d say 10 because it’s
an awesome company!

Hasret Yakar
Hasret Yakar