The Placement

We aim to be raise the bar for the modern day internship program. Every element of an internship must provide real value to the program participant, it is this that sets us apart from many other program providers. We want to accelerate tomorrow’s tech talent and a way we do that is to create conditions in which you are more likely to succeed. With clear job descriptions, safe living conditions and workshops and events to enhance your learning, we enable you to challenge yourself and develop personally within a safe environment. With an emphasis on clear knowledge transfer we allow students to have a real job with real actions, real statistics, real work and real value.

The Program

Our design programs welcome the creative. It is for those who can visualise, conceptualise and bring to life their visions and the visions of others. For anyone with experience or a passionate interest in design, this program gives you a platform to apply your knowledge and creative flair to a working portfolio and learn skills along the way. The world of design is ever evolving so our programs help you understand your future prospects and goals. Our workshops and events will also give you an insight into new design techniques and tips and let you see inside the minds of great designers.

Every program with Intern Tech is designed to create maximum transference of skills and knowledge. You should expect to be given real life experience, real jobs, real feedback and real work! We work closely with all of our employers to ensure that students are shown new approaches, methods and perspectives and are given the environment to challenge themselves and develop. There is more to our programs than just the placement though, and as an Intern Tech student you should expect to learn real world skills alongside your work. Our educational partners provide training and workshops that will give you the learning and confidence you need to return home

We want each student to return home knowing not only what you want to achieve professionally, but also the steps you need to take to get there. We understand how daunting entering the world of work is, so our programs are designed to accelerate talent whilst creating a network and support system to help you achieve once you leave. We want all our students to take away measurable growth by creating a portfolio of work, learning new skills, discovering exactly what you want from your future career and taking away a huge new support system and network to aid you along your professional journey.


Our programs are designed to take students from curiosity to career. Many of our students come from specific disciplines with an exact career path already established. Our programs create the environment to elevate that student and give them the best chance to achieve what their objectives. Similarly we have students that are passionate about the sector but are unsure of the various roles available. Our path finder programs individually assess students skills and interests to help them decide what their future career could look like and how to get there. Before any program begins we work with each student to assess their learning objectives, even if they are unsure themselves. With workshops and courses that look at the minds of great designers as well as more technical events on design skills and up and coming tools, we can give you the extra support needed to give you the edge for your future goals. Students with the following courses would find this program especially valuable. We also look for students who are able to display a clear passion and willingness to work if they are studying a different course but still want to undertake learning in the field of design.

  • Product Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design
  • Liberal Arts
  • Product Design and Development
  • Digital Arts Computing
  • Design and Technology


UX Designer

Interaction Designer

Front-End Designer

Packaging Designer

Graphic Designer

Digital Imaging Specialist


Motion Graphics Designer

Storyboard Artist

UI Designer

Roto Artist

CG Modeller



Intern Tech focus on the individual, and we know that each student’s needs, objectives and goals are completely different. That is why our programs are designed to be as individual as you. We focus on real world experiences to create real world work and as such make sure that all our employers, partners and mentors know how to get the best out of each and every student to truly accelerate their learning. We also understand that transitioning from studying to the world of work can be a hugely overwhelming process. The Design Sector can seem hard to find your way in and that is why we are here to help. Many students cannot even imagine what type of roles are available to graduates or university leavers, let alone how to take the first steps. Our programs begin with bespoke workshops that individually assess students interests and particular skills to give guidance on what type of role they would be best suited for. We then work to ensure that they have all the skills and support they need to excel in their chosen role. We also call upon our team of mentors, experts and course leaders to help our students grow in their chosen field.

Based on your exact needs we organise your VISA, Travel Insurance and travel advice. Our design specialists can help curate your CV to match with the roles you are interested in. Each program comes with a Local SIM card and travel card do get you about your city free and easy.
Our introductory workshop can help you decide where your future in design will lie. It is a huge sector with lots of variables and our programs are designed to aid you in making future career choices as well as showing you the path to get there. Our mentors, experts and on site support team can guide you through how to chose the perfect fit for your career and what you need to do whilst undertaking the placement and on return to ensure maximum success.
Your application procedure with us should help decide your career objectives so we can find a high spec placement to match. As well as the placement itself our work experience extends to 24/7 support, clear feedback and assessment and workshops, talks and lectures to compliment your growth.
Who could stay in London or Barcelona and NOT want to experience everything the cities have to offer. We have created a program that includes a welcome week induction, weekly activities and even chances to escape the city and see what else is about.
As well as our specific mentoring system, Intern Tech students and Alumni can gain access to ask an expert. Hear from people who have been where you are and have got to where you want to be. The opening and closing workshops and events enable you to not only meet people in your sphere to aid you on your journey, but also your fellow alumni.
Your journey does not end when your placement does. Our program extends to when you arrive back home as well. Further than this we encourage students to become active members of our alumni. From access to port program events and courses to interaction and networking with experts and mentors we provide the means for you to carry out the steps you have learnt on your journey with us.