A Design Internship with Intern-Tech brings real world experience to web and graphic designers. A designer is tasked with translating the words of project managers into imagery, and transforming marketing plans into persuasive designs. An Internship serves as a tangible example of how your skills as a designer translate into the commercial world by covering areas such as.

User Experience and Interactive Design

With the designing of a website also comes the design of the users understanding of how the website works. This includes creating clear instructions and labelling on a website and truly understanding how people will interact with it.

Web Design

Translating a client’s vision into a working page layout. User experience is often dictated by the visual and practical design of a website, this is a huge asset to companies and a huge aspect of a design internship.

Product Design

Designing the actual product and packaging for a company. Translating a business’ product message to the design of how the product is presented to the public.

Graphic Design

Using a variety of methods to create visual representations of your client’s message and overall identity.



Design, amend and implement small and large scale digital initiatives. Work with technical leads to develop clients ideas and create wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and sitemaps to effectively communicate design ideas.

Design, shoot, edit and create stories for brand reputation and online advertising.

Design and create packaging for key products and services. Using programmes such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Sketch to demonstrate your digital creativity.

Create concepts, wireframes and designs for intended platforms. Using programmes such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Sketch to demonstrate your digital creativity.


Our Design internship is for those that can visualise, conceptualise and bring to life the visions of marketing teams, managers and company boards. For anyone with experience in design, this internship gives you a platform to apply your knowledge and creative flair to demonstrate your design skills in the real world. This programme is perfect for people seeking any of these aspects from their internship.

  • Design Processing – Learn how industry experts follow the design process. From conception to finished product you will learn the best industry practices and processes.
  • Design Efficiency – Learn how to design in an effective and efficient manner. Working with several clients to several deadlines, experience first hand the pace of a designer.
  • Understanding your niche – Learn what kind of design role is perfect for you. By experiencing all the technology design world has to offer you can hone your skills and focus on your design niche.
  • Software experience – Learn about new and emerging software, and get industry specific experience using popular software on a larger scale.
  • Design Skill Enhancement – Enhance your current design skills. Work with talented designers and refine your current techniques and practices.
  • Portfolio Creation – Gain real world experience and compile a portfolio of work for some of the world’s leading companies and clients.


Thanks to the placement at Intern-Tech I learned a range of skills that will defiantly help my future. As well as the technical placement, enhancing my communication skills was also a confidence boost as I now more on how to construct myself in a working environment.

Aneatah Shaybourne
Aneatah Shaybourne

If I was to rate Intern-Tech from 1-10 I’d say 10 because it’s
an awesome company!

Hasret Yakar
Hasret Yakar