An Engineering Internship with Intern-Tech combines the application of scientific disciplines and social and practical knowledge to invent, innovate and improve systems, components, material processes and organisational processes. An Internship with Intern-Tech places Engineering candidates within tech based companies meaning that even non-technological engineers can benefit from the staggering array of technological tools to advance and achieve. An internship can typically cover the following.

Business Engineering

Engineering IT systems, business administrations and change management.

Civil Engineering

Dealing with the design, maintenance and construction of the physical and naturally built environment.

Design, App and Software Engineering

Diving into code and working with programming experts to solve problems and build powerful new tools.

Problem Solving

using analytical reasoning, problem solving and inductive reasoning skills alongside engineering experience to overcome system and management issues.



Test prototypes effectively to identify user requirements. Work with design and marketing teams to understand user needs and effectively define technical opportunities and market trends.

Working with the technical development team to engineer in-house products. Aiding to maintain and create applications and software from an engineering standpoint.

Working within a team to resolve network and system problems. Creating a technical network operations centre to aid support for the company.

Advising and overseeing manufacturing teams in technical aspects of the production, process and planning of company products and services.


Our Engineering internship is perfect for those with a background in Engineering who wish to take advantage of the growing emphasis on technology within the corporate world. Our Internships focus on the technology sector and can cover all realms of engineering. This programme is perfect for people seeking any of these aspects from their internship.

  • Tech Development – Learn how to create and develop tech based networks. Complimenting engineering skills with IT to develop and manage solutions effectively.
  • Programme Use – Learn how to use programmes such as CAD to create models of designs that can be analysed and improved upon.
  • Data Management – Learn how to process data, test apps in alpha and beta stage and use open source resources.
  • Prototype Creation – Learn how to use prototypes to improve systems, components, machines and tools.
  • Technological Insight – Learn hands on how advances in the tech sector have correlated with engineering advances and how best to use this technology to your advantage.
  • Problem Solving – Gain real world experience of engineering within company problem solving and business engineering.


If I was to rate Intern-Tech from 1-10 I’d say 10 because it’s an awesome company! I am exceptionally satisfied with my Internship position

Hasrat Yakar
Hasrat Yakar

If I was to rate Intern-Tech from 1-10 I’d say 10 because it’s
an awesome company!

Hasret Yakar
Hasret Yakar