Technology and Marketing sit synonymously. With technological advances, e-commerce and digital advertising is becoming ever more ingrained in our lives. A Marketing Internship will practically teach you the major channels of marketing for tech-companies.


Creating the story behind the product and how it will be shown to the world.

SEO and Online Marketing

Using technology to bolster presence online and maximising on all the online avenues companies now have.

Viral Marketing

Collaborations, communications, incentives and ways to make the brand the real talking point.

Offline Marketing

Taking the brand into the real world with publications, events and stand alone adverts.



Creating the content for advertising campaigns. From Instagram posts and Facebook adverts to blog content and web page content.

Creating mobile optimised HTML templates, helping with email production, delivery and best practices. Implementing processes to ensure accuracy of communication.

Running SEO activities, including link building, content strategy, keyword strategy and metadata management to increase rankings on major search networks. .

Working on specific campaigns that will optimise the exposure of the business.


Whilst most marketing internships will bolster your resume, in today’s technology driven world you need an internship placement combining both the marketing and technological sectors to provide you with the invaluable skills and experience required within a now truly digital business world. This programme is perfect for people seeking any of these aspects from their internship.

  • Creative communication skills – Learn how to communicate your visual and creative ideas in a way that can be acted upon by other people.
  • Collaborative Networking – Learn how to network with specific goals. A lot of technical marketing is bolstered by affiliates and collaborative efforts. Sharing content and mentioning other brands is a tool used to boost presence.
  • Branding – Branding is invaluable in marketing. Knowing what you want to offer the world and what sets you apart is one of the most important factors. Learning how to build and maintain a brand from start-ups or well known industry leaders will give you unsurpassable experience.
  • Marketing Campaigns – You will learn all stages of a marketing campaign, from inception all the way to execution.
  • Viral Marketing – The technology driven marketing sector now means that ads and tweets can go viral, causing great exposure. Learn how this is curated and put to work effectively.
  • Storytelling – The main aspect of marketing is storytelling. Learn how to build a story around a brand and disseminate it to the masses.


I have just completed an internship at a media company in the heart of Barcelona with Intern­-Tech. It was one of the most valuable, life changing decisions I have ever made, I know have a full time placement here and I have Intern­-Tech to thank for all of it!

Rebecca Holmes
Rebecca Holmes

If I was to rate Intern-Tech from 1-10 I’d say 10 because it’s
an awesome company!

Hasret Yakar
Hasret Yakar