Barcelona is very much a city of varied and drastically contrasting businesses ranging from service based corporations to virtual businesses and a vibrant technological scene. Our internship placements within Barcelona also provide opportunities for international, cross-cultural business skills. You can focus and develop your grasp of communications by being exposed to the mother tongue and experiencing Spanish and Catalonian corporate culture first hand.

Barcelona is home to Spain’s most successful technology companies and continues to attract bigger technological brand names as an ideal and innovative European base. This includes (the gaming giants behind Candy Crush), Telefonica (the spanish telecoms company) and Tuenti (Spain’s biggest social network). An internship in Barcelona puts you in the hub of european enterprise and innovation.


London is home to the headquarters of a plethora of global, blue chip companies. It features a financial district within which the world’s most influential banking institutions lie and it is also widely recognised as a centre for fashion, business innovation and technology.

For the technology focused intern there is an unparalleled opportunity to work in the world’s leading technology industry. The london technology industry accounts for one fifth (around 40,000) of the UK’s technology business headquarters. With companies located within the capital accounting for the largest technological workforce within any city in the world. This places london as an incredibly attractive proposition for any intern seeking the best of technology focused work experience.