Intern Tech Limited Terms and Conditions of Internship Placements

Please read these terms and conditions and the FAQ carefully. Participation in the internship program indicates that you accept these terms and conditions.
a person or group that uses the professional advice or services of an agency, a Student or Intern.
‘Employment Agreement’
contract between employer and employee.
‘Mediating Company’
company that assists students in finding a suitable internship namely Intern Tech
‘Host Company’
company where internship will take place.
work experience.
‘Code of Conduct’
a set of conventional principles and expectations that are considered binding on any person who is a member of a particular group.
‘Medical Certificate’
written statement concerning a person’s health .
General Terms & Conditions
The mediating company, Internship Provider Intern Tech Limited, hereafter called MC

1. General Terms & Conditions
1.1 It is recommended that clients have medical insurance and public liability insurance.
1.2 All clients must have a sufficient English level to participate on the Program.
1.4 The client is responsible for all of his or her acts along with any loss or damage resulting from those acts while on the Program.

2. An Internship offer
2.1 An ‘Internship offer’ means an offer of an internship with a business or other legal entity for a designated period of time;
2.2 The Internship does not constitute an Employment Agreement or any offer of employment with either the MC, or the Host Company.

2.3 The search for a suitable internship according to your requirements based on your sector of choice, and minimum length of Internship. Once your internship fee has been paid, we guarantee to find a placement based on this criteria.
2.4 The client must be available for physical or video call interview with prospective employers for a minimum of one month before the clients requested start date of their work placement. Should the student be unavailable for a full one month period, the MC reserves the right to refuse a refund of any fees paid by the student, should the MC be unable to arrange a confirmed internship.
2.5 When the first internship is found, this can be refused by the student based on a valid reason,
which will be explained to the MC. Then, a second internship is to be searched. When the MC starts its research for a second company, the MC has the right to not refund the first installment if it’s applicable that the provided internship satisfied the foregoing requirements.
2.6 The search for the internship takes place on location in the chosen city and occurs on behalf of education requirements and the concerning branch of study. Requirements should be notified in advance; to be passed on to the regarding contact person of the office on location. After the provided internship, students cannot refuse according to unfamiliar information requirements at the MC internships.
2.7 The MC guarantee to find an internship within 28 days of payment in full or a deposit being completed. If the MC doesn’t succeed before this period, the first installment can be claimed back according to item 7.9 of these general conditions.
2.8 The search towards an internship and the use of personal customer information is yet to be carried out after settling the first installment.
2.9 An internship agreement between student and company is to be set up after the confirmation by the applicant when the interview took place.
2.10 When the internship agreement is sent to the student or the student is informed about this; the MC has carried out the mediation commitments and this service, including costs, will therefore be passed on to the student.
2.11 When the applicant uses the provided contact details of potential internship companies for his/her own benefit; for instance by making an appointment about or with an internship company without notification of the MC or sharing contact details with others or other organizations. The MC has the right to pass on the costs of a completed internship mediation and caused damage to our image/reputation to the concerning customer.
2.12 The MC cannot guarantee any Internship placement within a certain timeframe. External factors (such as available companies, flights, visa approval, etc.) prohibited us from being able to guarantee a specific date or timeframe. As such, you agree that we will not be held liable for any inconvenience or loss of income arising from a delayed matching or placement process. You acknowledge that any expected timeframe for placement given by us is indicative only and not binding.

2.13 The client is not permitted to apply for, or accept a permanent work placement during the internship period with an alternative employer.
2.14 The client may accept an offer of full time employment with the existing work placement supplied by the client, however the existing internship placement fees payable to the client must be paid in full under the terms agreed at the outset.
3. Change of Host Company
A ‘Host Company’ means a business or legal entity offering an Internship opportunity to the student.
Requests for a change of Host Company will only be considered under the following circumstances:
The Client has arrived and commenced their internship; AND one of the following occurs:
a) Sexual harassment or discrimination against the client;
b) Racial or religious vilification against the client;
c) Breach of Occupational Health and Safety regulations affecting the client;
d) Bankruptcy of the company before or at arrival of the client;

4. Change of the Internship start/end date
4.1 Requests by the client to postpone the start date of their Internship will only be granted if the Host Company agrees to the postponement;
4.2 The client agrees to notify the MC immediately if the internship ends prior to the agreed date on the signed Internship offer.

5. Code of Conduct
All Clients must adhere to the host companies Code of Conduct for the duration of their internship which includes.
5.1 The client will be punctual and adhere to the policies of the Host Company which may be set out verbally, in a staff handbook or provided through the course of training;
5.2 Requests for sick leave must be reported directly to the Client’s Supervisor at the Host Company at the commencement of business on the day that leave is to be taken. Only messages by the client given over the phone will be accepted. Sick leave of 2 days or more must be accompanied by a medical certificate;
5.3 Any request for holidays or other leave must be made in writing to the host company and are subject to the approval of the host company.
5.4 The Client is not permitted to enter into any direct Employment Agreement with the Host Company;
5.5 The Client is not permitted to negotiate payment or any other benefit with the MC or the Host Company. This must be done by the MC before a placement is confirmed.
5.6 The Client will be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from his or her acts while taking part in the Program. The Client agrees to indemnify the MC, the Host Company, or any other party

that may suffer loss by reason of the Client’s conduct; As an Client you must be insured for any possible damage you can cause during your internship. The MC is not responsible for this.
5.7 The Client must adhere to the Host Company’s rules and company culture during business hours. The Client must behave in an orderly and professional manner at all times whilst participating in their internship. Any serious misconduct or breach of this Code of Conduct will result in the cancellation of the Internship and immediate dismissal from the Program. No refund will be payable to the Client in that event and the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs will be duly notified. This notification may result in the cancellation of some visas.

6. Payment
6.1 The ‘Program’ means the service package mentioned on the website of the mediating company.
6.2 A deposit is required for acceptance onto the Program. The MC cannot commence the placement process until this deposit is received.
6.3 All bank fees levied in the client’s country or as a result of a transfer they initiate will be payable by the Applicant;
6.4 Changes in currency rates are non refundable.
6.5 The MC advices you to not book flights until you have received an internship.

7. Cancellations & Refunds
7.1 No refund will be payable for cancellations requested after issuance of the Internship offer by the MC to the client;
7.2 No refund will be payable for cancellations received after the commencement of the Internship procedure.
7.3 A full refund less administration fees of the Program deposit will be payable if the MC is unable to provide an Internship offer.
7.4 No refund will be payable for cancellations when an applicant fails to update the MC or answer MC’s e-mails.
7.5 Any client that misleads the MC by giving wrong information, relevant to the Internship may be removed from the Program. In this event no refund will be payable.
7.6 All cancellations requests must be received in writing by the MC.
7.7 Cancellation of the application because of changes in opinion, study or when credits are not obtained, does not count to be a valid reason for cancellation.
7.8 Cancellation of the application because of a valid reason is possible until one month before the start date of the internships, regarding to point 7.9.
7.9 When a student decides to cancel the application, the first installment (minus administration costs) will only be refunded when there is a valid reason (with proof) for this. Such reasons are for instance;
(i) An internship remains forthcoming.
(ii) Rejection of the internship by the educational institute of reasons the MC could have knows.
(iii) Death of close relatives being first degree family members.
7.10 The MC reserves the right to refuse your application for any reason whatsoever, without supplying such reasons. The MC also reserves the right to refuse your application or cancel your booking at any time in the event that you fail to complete the application process by
(a) not providing requested information within the acceptable timescale or
(b) in our reasonable opinion you fail to demonstrate sufficient interest in, or the necessary attributes for, either volunteering generally or your chosen placement, or
(c) have a criminal conviction for a serious offence or for one which is incompatible with your chosen placement or
(d) anything brought to our attention that in our opinion makes you unsuitable for your chosen placement.
7.11 When the applicant cancels after having the first offer received by the MC, the MC reserves the right to invoice the applicant with an X amount on top of the first installment.
7.12 When the applicant cancels after confirming the internship, the MC reserves the right to invoice the applicant with the full program fee.

8. Complaints
8.1 If the Individual wishes to make a complaint in relation to the Program, he/she shall bring the complaint to the attention of the MC, who shall use his/her best endeavours to resolve the complaint within a reasonable time.
8.2 If the MC is unable to resolve a serious complaint, and the Individual leaves the Program before the completion date, the Individual shall provide the Program Host with a written version of events.

9. Prices & Validity
Prices given are for the program of the duration indicated only. The MC reserves the right to change prices from one program to the next. Prices do not include airfares, excess baggage charges, transfers or airport taxes.

10. Responsibility
10.1 Responsibility for Travel. You agree, understand and acknowledge that you will be solely responsible for arranging and paying for your own travel, specifically including all airfare to and from the Host Country and local transportation. It is your responsibility to carry all necessary documents while you travel overseas. You agree that the MC will not be responsible for any supporting documents necessary or your travel needs or other purposes. You agree that the MC is not responsible for any airfare or for any other charges that may result from cancelling, changing or transferring flights or other arrangements which may result or occur as a result of your Placement

and/or Project being revised, cancelled, terminated or otherwise modified due to Force Majeure and/or any event and/or circumstances outside the MC control.
10.2 Please make sure that you have a valid ID card/ passport which is valid until at least 6 months after your planned return date. This is a stipulation made by most countries in the world. Having the correct passport or visa is your responsibility.
10.3 The MC transfers the Personal data you give us (including name, contact details, etc.) to our staff overseas and to your internship company where you will be working. This is done for your best interests. We are also allowed to use your personal details for communication with other students.

11. Releases and Waiver of Liabilities
11.1 Assumption of personal risks. You hereby agree, understand and acknowledge that your agreement to travel to, temporarily live in and provide volunteer/client services on a project in a foreign host country necessarily involves a certain degree of hazards, inherently dangerous activities and personal risks to you, both foreseen and unforeseen, all of which are fully accepted by and solely assumed by you. In addition, you hereby fully and permanently release and forever discharge the MC from any and all liability for your personal injury, emotional injury, illness, disease, death, and/or property damage that may result or occur during your placement and/or the project period.
11.2 Release and waivers in favor of the MC. You hereby fully, permanently and irrevocably release, forever discharge and agree not to sue the MC, including any and all of its successors and assigns, its agents, managers, participants, applicants, members, employees, officers or representatives, and any country coordinators, volunteer coordinators, host families or other persons, entities, parties, organizations or agencies collaborating with the MC (collectively “released parties”), voluntarily and without duress, from any and all actions, suits, liability, claims, demands, losses, costs and/or causes of action for damages or other legal or equitable relief of any nature including, without limitation, claims for personal injury, emotional injury, Illness, disease, death, property damage or other losses, expenses and/or damages (collectively “claims”), which may hereafter arise from any cause whatsoever, Including, without limitation, that arising from your participation in any project or placement and/or any project, activity or event sponsored, managed, arranged, or Promoted by, or otherwise affiliated or associated with the MC, whether or not Foreseeable or contributed to by the negligent acts or omissions of the MC or others.
11.3 Insurance. Medical Insurance is included in the ‘Rest of the World Premium Package’ Intern Tech subject to the client meeting the application requirement as set out by the insurer CareMed GMBH. Should the client not be accepted by the insurer, the client will be refunded the percentage valued paid by the client for this package equating to a maximum aggregate value of 18% of the ‘Rest of the World Premium Package’.
11.4 Medical Treatment. You also hereby release and forever discharge the released parties from any and all claims whatsoever that may arise on account of any first aid or other medical treatment

rendered during Your participation in any project or placement and/or any other project, activity or event sponsored, managed, arranged, or promoted by, or otherwise affiliated or associated with the MC.
11.5 When a legal procedure decides that the MC is responsible for a certain damage or claim, this responsibility will be limited to a maximum of the paid amount to the MC for the internship procedure.
11.6 The customer is responsible for his/her own safety and health at all times. Please keep in mind that you are in another country and act with respect towards this country and the people. When inappropriate behavior and misbehavior occurs, the MC has the right to interfere and to pass on possible costs to the customer.

12. Indemnity
12.1 You agree to fully indemnify and hold the MC harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, costs, expenses, fees and damages arising out of or related to:
(i) any breach by you of this Agreement;
(ii) any damages, losses, personal injury, property damage, fines, assessments, fees or costs that are caused to or asserted against the MC as a result of Your actions, inaction or omissions; or
(iii) any contractual claim or other cause of action asserted against the MC as a result of Your conduct and/or Your failure to perform the volunteer services required hereunder

Specific conditions Internship Provider:
1. The search for a suitable internship according to the student’s descriptions, provided during the registration, will be carried out up to three times. If no match is found after communication between the student and three companies, no further placement procedure will be carried out.
2. After searching for a first internship, this may be rejected by the student. In this case, a search for a second company for the student will be started. When we start looking for a second company, the total amount paid for the subscription is no longer reimbursed. This all assuming that the offered internship met the predetermined requirements.
3. The search for the internship is organized by our colleagues abroad and occurs based on education requirements and the concerning branch of study/education of the student. Requirements can be altered by passing these onto the regarding contact person on location. The offered internship cannot be refused based on requirements of the program that were not notified through written communication to Internship Provider.
4. In case of last-minute requests, whereby the procedure for finding an internship is shortened to

5. We start searching for an internship and send data of the customer only after the deposit invoice is paid.
6. After finding a suitable internship, an internship agreement is drawn up between the company and the student.
7. After sending an internship contract of the business partner or the company to the student or a notification of it, the outstanding invoice payment for the internship will be drawn up and sent return.
8. Cancellation with a valid reason, as mentioned in Art. 10 and 11, can take place up to one month before the indicated starting date of the internship, with exception of Internship Provider being unable to find an internship.
9. Together with the student, Internship Provider sets a deadline. Before this final date, the internship must have been confirmed by the company. Up until this date, Internship Provider and their partner on-site have the opportunity to find an internship. The administrative process of the internship and of other documents can also take place after this date and will not affect the set deadline as it happens afterwards.
10. When a signed internship contract is sent to the student or mention of it has been made, Internship Provider has fulfilled its obligation as a mediatory organization and the costs of this service will be passed on to the student.
11. Should the parties involved, with the exception of Internship Provider, provide contact information for potential internship companies for their own personal gain, (e.g. by making agreements without involving Internship Provider about an internship, or for marketing purposes, promotional activities and acquisition) or share this data with other people or organizations, Internship Provider has the right to charge the client for the costs of a complete internship mediation and gained reputation damage with a minimum of € 1000,-. This also implies that activities like acquisition or recruiting other interns during the internship/graduate project are prohibited without prior written permission of Internship Provider.
12. Some services of Internship Provider require an input from the student and/or the educational institute. If this does not happen completely or not at all, it is not possible for Internship Provider to provide an optimal service.
Internship Provider cannot be held responsible in any way for incomplete or failed services, if this is the result of the lack of input from the student. If a service cannot be delivered properly, because of lack of input from the student, the student will forfeit his/her right to a discount or a refund. In such case, the costs for the service will be charged to the student.
13. The student agrees with the communication, billing and automatic reminders through email.
14. The responsibility that billing by email actually arrives, lies with the student. He/she cannot appeal to any possible spam filters and/or no valid or correct billing email address and/or other possible causes for the non-arrival of the invoice.

15. When an internship/graduation project has been found for the student and he or she decides to cancel without any valid reason, (see Art. 10 and 11 for valid reasons) Internship Provider has the right to charge additional expenses in addition to the deposit for cancellation and the work carried out, ranging from 150 euros up to the full amount of the internship package if the internship is already arranged.
16. At the moment of registration, Internship Provider reserves the right to charge the applicant for costs in case of cancellation or if erroneous information is provided by the applicant.
17. When a legal procedure decides that Internship Provider should bear responsibility, this responsibility will be limited to a maximum of the part of the invoice where the damage was suffered.
18. Students are responsible for their own safety and health at all times. Please keep in mind that you are in another country and act respectfully towards this country and the people. In case of inappropriate behavior and misbehavior, Internship Provider has the right to interfere and to pass on possible costs to the student.
19. The information and advice provided by Internship Provider is based on the best possible and most current knowledge that Internship Provider has at the time of publishing. Since information or advice can be subjected to the input from third parties, Internship Provider can under no circumstances be held responsible for any errors that accompany this advice; in addition, one cannot derive any rights from this advice.